Superyacht Operators and Project Teams are getting the positive, specialist support and guidance they need for Painting Project Success from Optimar Consulting. We are a team of Yacht Coating Experts focussed on driving success in Yacht Paint application projects.  By concentrating on helping the project team bring the Specification and Coating Process under Control, we facilitate the delivery of the project.





If you are looking to upgrade your paint system performance or keep everything on track – we can help you.  Our approach is to reduce conflict and increase shared understanding of how best to achieve the project goals and then to provide the monitoring and feedback that will see it through to final delivery – On Time, On Budget and In Specification

Who Is Optimar?

We are your partners for success! With a team of experts, time-served in Coatings Application, Yacht Construction and Corrosion Technology, Optimar is a new player in the field of Coatings Survey and paint Inspection with more experience for you to tap into than many alternatives. Beyond this, our group approach means we can offer a suite of Analytical and Product Evaluation services from our own laboratory and Process Optimisation tools to boost Performance and enhance Quality.

Front and centre is Alex Fassbender, based at our La Ciotat HQ in the South of France.  Alex has many years of direct experience in application and paint project management.  He is RMCI certified and has responsibility for our customer facing activities and oversees our Technical Service delivery in the region.

Who is Behind Optimar?

Rory Marshall

Rory Marshall

Alex Fassbender

Alex Fassbender

Alejandro Expósito

Alejandro Expósito

Rory Marshall and Alejandro Expósito are backing this venture – connecting Optimar to the parent companies of Optimiza in Spain and Newmar Overseas in Italy.  This means that as an Optimar customer you benefit from the full breadth of capabilities within the group.

Alejandro Expósito is an advanced level NACE instructor and Corrosion Specialist.  Not only is Optimiza now the leading provider of these services on the Iberian peninsula with an impressive client list, but their ongoing investment in coatings technology and strong collaboration with the University of Murcia brings their fully accredited coatings laboratory into play to support customers in getting data-driven solutions rather than opinions and guesswork.

Rory Marshall has been at the forefront of Coatings Innovation and advancing Build Processes even before he was working at Wally yachts, many years ago.  A familiar speaker at many industry events, his experience in these areas is widely sought after by clients looking for the reassurance that this brings.

Rory and Alejandro have been working together to help clients get optimum results for several years and forming a new venture for growth outside Spain and Italy was an obvious next step.

Our Services


Specification Review
Using the right product is all about your needs as the client and what your priorities are.  The Optimar approach starts by quantifying what results you expect and then matching the paint specification to match.

Application Process Optimisation
Specifying the right products is just the first step.  Applying them to maximise results will often need adjustment and fine tuning of the application method and equipment.

Developing Acceptance Criteria
It’s important to know where you are headed before you start.  Clients benefit from Optimar getting the whole project team onto the same page and agreeing the targets for appearance and longevity – matching that to the budget.


Condition Survey
Whether taking the first step in planning a refit, responding to questions of performance in-service or repairing unexpected damage – knowing the full extent of how things are both on and under the coatings is the best way we can help our clients to start out on a journey to get the results they are looking for.

Monitoring Quality and Process Feedback
All the way through a painting project everyone benefits from knowing that the work is proceeding in line with the specification and on track to deliver the expected results.

Milestone Acceptance Reporting
We often get asked: ‘Is it good’, and you can have our opinion, but we go one better giving you the data to see for yourself.


Application Skills
Whether for new crew or seasoned application specialists, the Optimar approach is to see where we can raise people to a new level that will help them do an even better job.

Corrosion Prevention and Planned Maintenance
With Time, Salt and UV all constantly working to degrade the condition of coatings on every Yacht, getting Optimar onboard is an obvious step.  Working with your crew we will show them how to design and implement a Vessel Corrosion Maintenance Programme (VCMP) .  We then work with them to develop the necessary skills to ensure successful deployment of the plan.

Coatings Care
Your latest and greatest paint job won’t stay looking that good if your crew don’t take care of it.  We share all the tips and tricks to make the paint last longer and keep looking fantastic.


Coatings Analysis
If you want to know what is really going on in the paint, send it to our lab.  Better than opinions and guesswork, you get detailed laboratory analysis and data that you can use to make the best decisions.

Performance Evaluation
Take the guesswork out of working out which system will give you the results you are looking for.  We can provide natural or accelerated weathering in a range of environments.

Performance Monitoring
Is the paint performing in service as it should?  Remove the speculation by getting details testing and analysis to compare reality with the product standard.

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